About Jimy

Who am I?
My name is Joaquim Castela but most of you know me as Jimy and many of you know me from the Beach Bar where I have worked for a good few years. I was born and grew up here in Burgau. It is my hometown. I am married to Kerstin Grabs and we have one son, Elias. He just turned nine. I also have a daughter Bianca who lives in England.

Why I started running?
A few years ago I quit smoking and because I needed to do something to help me quit I started to run two or three times a week. It really worked and helped me a lot and so far I think I’ve won that race! I feel really healthier and happier without the cigarettes.

Why I kept running?
Fourteen months ago a friend asked me if I would like to go with him to run the New York Marathon. “Why not? ” I said. I never ran before but did do other sports so I thought I knew how to train and it never occurred to me that I had to train very much. He’s a professional runner with lots of experience. He gave me a training plan and when I looked at it I was a bit worried because it looked quite tough for an old guy. However, I’d given him my word so I was committed.

How much training?
I started training hard for two hours a day for six days a week, sometimes seven. In the last fourteen months I’ve trained this hard and I think I’ve improved quite a bit. The training has been broken up with races. The training is very hard if you want to run fast. Your have to be very disciplined, tough and a bit stupid as well.

Where I’ve raced?
My first race was a ten kilometer race in Lisbon and I finished in 00:39:48. The second race of my career was the New York Marathon and I finished that in 3:00:53. It was a very hard race. My third race was a half marathon in Seville which I did in 1:23:40. My fourth race on the 29th of January 2012 was another half marathon. I finished that in 1:19:09. It was a very strong finish so I probably can improve. On the 19th of February 2012, I run the Seville International Marathon and finished in 144 with a time of 2h 51m 25s. It was a fantastic result. With athletes older than 50 years, I was the second and won a prize. 8000 athlets. I was very proud because I practice athletics just for 14 months.

Future Races
My next full marathon is in Prague on May 13th. However, I am waiting for a place in the London Marathon on April 22 and will choose that over Prague if I’m accepted. On November 4th I’ve been invited by the New York Marathon to run the 2012 race. I’ve also thought of doing the Porto marathon but it’s on the same day so I have to make a choice.

Is running a good sport for kids?
Running is a good sport for kids as it is not too expensive and also it comes so natural to so many kids. They will gain discipline from the sport that will help them in the future. As I was born in this village I want very much to help the young people here. So I am running the next two marathons to help raise some money for them.

I hope you able to sponsor these runs. It will be much appreciated.