Adventure Club

For many youngsters, some of the best activities are held outdoors. Project New Discoveries realised that and decided to create the “Outdoors Adventure Club”.

The main goals of this activity are:
- Developing a taste for outdoor living and social recreation.
- Developing team spirit.
- Developing several recreational and educational outdoor activities.

At the Outdoors Adventure Club you will find activities such as archery, hiking, orientation routes, frisbee, treasure hunt, building solar ovens and toys, 3 r’s and tree planting, amongst others.

For aditional information please contact us.

Useful Information:

All year round, usually on weekends.

Quinta do Vale da Lama in Lagos.

Age Groups:
Youngsters who live in Portugal or abroad aged between 18-30 years old. We also host activities for older people.

Needed material:
Sports clothes.