Deep Collaboration

Tools for Resilient Initiatives


November 12 and 13, 2022


Campo do Vale
Projecto Novas Descobertas
Quinta Vale da Lama
Odiáxere – Lagos


9:30 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 18:30


210€ (scholarships and other details below)
– Vegetarian, ethically sourced food from our own production and local sources: 3 meals daily, plus snacks and tea/coffee during breaks;
– Access to our venue’s facilities, including the prepared & shaded camping areas, hot showers, indoor bathrooms and dining hall, as well as WiFi, charging stations, course library, tools and didactic materials.


Portuguese / English


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Min. 8 // Max.20

Contacts / Registrations
TLM: 926681773
(Chamada para a rede móvel nacional)
OFFICE PND: 282 697 862
(Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

We are facing an unprecedented global crisis where many social, ecological and economic systems are collapsing in order to give space to something new. As people are trying to find different ways to respond, we see collaboration as an inevitable skill to bring into social initiatives to have a wider impact.

This workshop will offer you an opportunity to meet, explore and reflect on what tools are emerging for deeper ways to collaborate and participate in building regenerative cultures.

Lines of inquiry for this workshop:
Why do social initiatives fail so often?
Why are tools by themselves not enough?
Why is collaboration so challenging?
How is modernity reflecting a systemic crisis and what’s our role in it?
How to create regenerative cultures that embody genuine and effective collaboration and social change?
What are some of the patterns that enhance collaborative initiatives?
What tools are emerging from engaged communities of practice?

Tools we will explore:
– The Invisible Backpack – what do we carry into collaborative spaces
– Sociocracy 3.0 – free social technology for growing agile and resilient organizations
– Group facilitation techniques for meaningful co-creation
– Collaborative games and dynamics – building community and learning through play


This experience is aimed at individuals willing to grow in collaboration skills and group dynamics awareness.

It will specially build competence for those who are engaged in social initiatives, leading group co-creation and planning, or participating in regular teamwork and decision making.
This introductory course hopes to inspire a perspective shift while building on key practical skills.


Xana Piteira
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Engaged catalyst for social transformation, community resilience and deep nature connection, Xana facilitates collaborative spaces for re-imagining ways of being in community and working together. Supports communities of practice to self-organize according to the needs of their people and landscape, taking responsibility for their own learning and the impact they have on a wider metabolism. Has been learning, experimenting and sharing Sociocracy 3.0 patterns since 2015, deepening practices of Artful Participation as a way of embodying genuine regenerative cultures.

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Dedicated to creating opportunities that enhance nature connection as the main resource in learning contexts. Organizes and facilitates teams in developing meaningful programs for regeneration and regenerative learning. She is highly motivated to share and explore tools and methods on participatory learning, community building, group facilitation and hands-on regenerative group activities. Has developed a professional path in environmental and regenerative learning and collaboration, through Permaculture, holistic education, storytelling and participatory facilitation.

Patrícia Russo Pereira


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About the fees and scholarship opportunities:
Full fee: 210€ (includes all meals and snacks, workshop materials, accommodation (camping) and all facilities)

Discounted fee: 190€ (for PDC and PND leadership training alumni and PND members; includes all meals and snacks, workshop materials, accommodation (camping) and all facilities)

For detailed information, questions and application please send an email to

Impact Scholarships – full scholarship, offered through our partner organizations, to individuals with a history of committed action to advance environmental causes and/or social justice causes, and who have the intention to use skills gained in the course to increase their impact in regenerating nature and society.

Support Scholarships – Partial scholarships, offered to individuals from specific vulnerable groups, including people who are: unemployed, low-income, single-parent households, members of minorities with a history of social exclusion, victims of natural disasters, etc.

Peer-learning Scholarships – A scholarship worth 50% off each registration, for 2 persons coming together as part of the same organization/initiative and intending to apply collaborative methodologies in their work context as co-facilitators.

Course organized by Projecto Novas Descobertas Association, in partnership with Quinta Vale da Lama and ORLA.