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Association PROJECTO NOVAS DESCOBERTAS – Summer camp Organizer Register No. 12-2013-DRAlgarve

During the school holidays the association provides the community with residential summer camps for youngsters to experience days in group, developing competences of inclusion and community learning, while having fun, creating healthy bonds with themselves, with the group and with nature, at the same time benefiting from the farms space and the surrounding environment.

We cultivate friendships in fun and challenging days, taking care of the earth and society through activities such as: wild camping, scavenger hunts, outings, rock climbing, water games, nocturnal exploration games, caring for the garden, harvesting, teambuilding and community building games, rope games, practical application of permaculture principals, decision making in group, story circles, ecological constructions, arts and crafts, sport and health, adventure and wilderness games and dynamics…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Measures taken in our summer activities to minimize the risk of Covid-19:


All spaces will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected 6 to 8 times a day (bathrooms, kitchen, pavilion disinfected every 2 hours)

The staff (animators and collaborators) will use face masks

Participants must wear a mask whenever they are indoors

Limit people per 20 square meters.

Constant separation between participants of at least 1.5 meters

Adaptation of group activities and dynamics so that there is minimal body interaction

Game dynamics, play, learning will be monitored so that there is no body contact

New specific dynamics will be introduced for the use of a mask and gloves by the participants, as part of the activity dynamics (as if it were a game).

Fever will be measured for all participants and staff every 4 hours

Participants must bring a medical certificate showing that they have not had symptoms of fever, cough or other screening for covid 19 in the last 15 days.

Maximum of two participants per tent (if family members or family trust). We advise you to bring your own tent.

Dates: *

Shift I
July 5th to 12th
Ages 12 to 16
(maximum 15 to 20 participants)

Shift II
July 19th to 26th
Ages 11 to 16
(maximum 15 to 20 participants)

August 2nd to 12th
Ages 12 to 16
(maximum 15 to 20 participants)

August 22th to 30th
Ages 10 to 16
(maximum 20 participants)
(this shift has only direct registration with IPDJ *)

* The Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude), through the program “Vacation in movement – Férias em Movimento” finances places in this SHIFT of PND summer camp for children (August 22th to 30th) with reduced prices, for children from 10 to 16 years old, however to occupy these places you must do the registrations directly with this institution In the NEW plataform of the PROGRAMS FOR THE YOUTH, registrate your children or child and then choose the program “FÉRIAS EM MOVIMENTO! option – FARO – and choosing Campo de férias Novas Descobertas IV and following the steps there indicated.

Any questions please call DIRECTLY to IPDJ FARO: 289 861 820.


* NOTE: Due to the pandemic we witnessed this year and being the association sensitive with the decrease of economic power of the population, exceptionally summer camps 2020 have lower prices than in previous years. We also offer free and discounted registrations- TELL US ABOUT YOUR SITUATION ON THE REGISTRATION FORM.

Reduced price SUMMER CAMPS (members and non-members):
Shift I, II – €225
Shift III- €335

You can choose to pay the SOLIDARY price, in which you give a little more and help children who cannot pay to participate for free in summer camps

Shift I, II – €260
Shift III- €370

Important information: Participants must arrive at PND facilities on the first day of camp between 3PM and 5PM, and depart on the last day of camp until 12AM. Your arrival and departure schedule will be email you by us.


– Accommodation and food ( camping mode and 5 daily meals );

– Personal accident insurance;

– Counsellors with PND’s Counsellors Training and professional competence ( in a ratio of 1 for every 6 children ), present 24/hours per day on the summer camp;

– Activities for 8 days

– Trips ( within the summer camp ) and rapid wear materials;

– A PND coordinator present on the camp 24 hours a day.


Donwload the “WHAT TO BRING TO THE 2020 Summer Camps + PROTECTED CHILD KIT” file.


At Quinta Vale da Lama – in our educational Campus Campo do Vale. Accommodation is in camping mode, with activities all over Vale da Lama farm (Odiáxere Lagos) and eventual outings around Lagos and Portimão area (beach, visits and walks).

See here how to get to the farm – Quinta do Vale da Lama


Children and youngsters from 8 to 16 years old.

If you are more than 16 years old you can also join this opportunity! Participate in our Summer Camps Counselor Training.

Important Info:
Participants must arrive at PND facilities on the first day of camp between 3PM and 4PM, and depart on the last day of camp until 12AM.


Pedagogical Coordination
Rachel Marsden
+351 926 681 773 or +351 960 387 350
General Coordination
Andreia Rodrigues
967 620 397
PND Office: 282 697 862
Summer Camps Facilities
Campo do Vale
: 282 792 673
(Print here the info contacts for parents during the summer camps.)

Foto Campos de Férias 2019

How to participate?

Step 1:
– Download the Rules and the Pedagogical Animation Plan for PND Summer Camps and perform a careful reading.

Step 2:

Download 3 documents: Registration Form Summer Camps 2020 PND + Term of responsibility / Disclaimer for Summer Camps 2020 + the document “COVID Measures 19 – SUMMER activities registration requirements”.

Read carefully , complete, SIGN and send the SCAN (we do not accept photografs of the documents) the DOCUMENTS:

– By email:
– By post: PO box 322 N – Quinta do vale da lama 8600-258 Odiáxere Lagos
– In hand at the same address – public office hours from 10:30AM to 5:30PM.

Step 3:
Please WAIT for an email from the New Discoveries Project with the confirmation of your registration and with the indication of the total amount to be paid and the deposit to be made. DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT without receiving this email.

Step 4: (after payment)
Come to Quinta Vale da Lama, Odiáxere Lagos, bags made (“WHAT TO BRING TO THE 2020 Summer Camps + PROTECTED CHILD KIT“- available when the registrations open), at the beginning of camp (between 3PM and 4PM on the first day of camp).

Foto Campos de Férias 2019


Adventure and exploration:
Climbing, hiking and scavenger hunts through nature, treasure hunts, guidance and night exploration games.

Group and community:
Trust and team building games, cooperative games, group decision making, reflection circles, team games and traditional Portuguese games;

Creativity and Innovation:
Crafts, theater, music, dance, use of natural materials, creative writing and story circles;

Sustainability and Regeneration:
Taking care of gardens, crops, composting, jam making, soap making, introduction to Permaculture design and transformation of learning spaces, natural building.

See here a model of PND summer camp schedule.

Why to participate?

1. To enable the participants to come into contact and to coexist harmoniously with the environment and the surrounding countryside.

2. To provide a range of activities that reflect and respond to the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of children and young people by providing them with individual and collective activities that are appropriate to different age groups and levels of development.

3. To promote increased self-esteem and behavioral changes associated with healthy living habits and respect for the environment.

4. To promote the practice of physical activity and a dynamic and positive lifestyle.

5. Develop autonomy, responsibility and respect for others.

6. Develop inter-relational and social skills in living together with other young people and adults.

7. To encourage the discovery of new cultures and values, initiatives and creativity;

8. Learning from experience / practical experience

9. Study and seek sustainable dynamics in the three spheres of life (social, ecological and economic)

10. Provide a recreational and creative experience based on cooperation and mutual values.