Program Days at the Farm

Activities for schools, institutions and groups in the Western Algarve

We offer socio-educational facilitation and environmental education services for schools, institutions, and groups. Both social and ecological themes are possible, depending on the group we are working with. Activities can happen at Quinta Vale da Lama, and/or in local public spaces (including schools, institutions, etc). Activities can be either one-time or regularly scheduled, and we offer reduced rates for institutions working with the socially disadvantaged.


PERSONAL - Self-confidence, authenticity, healthy habits, appreciate nature, sensory & psychomotor training, problem-solving & creativity.

SOCIAL - Inclusion, Co-operation, Sharing, Trust, Friendship, Leadership, Communication Skills, Valuing Diversity, Social Engagement.

ECOLOGICAL - Eco-literacy, local flora & fauna, local & seasonal food, organic gardening, living soils, upcycling & crafts, water water recycling.


Project New Discoveries started with the dream of social inclusion. The first activities were summer camps that brought together young people from all walks of life to have fun & work together.
Now, 25 years later, we are a membership-based IPSS that offers educational and recreational activities year-round, including activities with an ecology and sustainability focus.

We offer activities for all ages, ranging from preschool, through elementary and secondary schools, youth, adults and the elderly.

Browse the activities we offer below, or read more about our unique pedagogic approach. We are open to creating new partnerships and activities within this program, contact us to know more.


Activities in this program

Days at the farm

Date: Academic Year 2020/2021
Local: Quinta Vale da Lama, Lagos - Algarve