Association Project New Discoveries

We are a non-profit educational and recreational association and a Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS) with registration number DAJI / SRC 988/2011


We work toward a reality in which everyone has access to informal learning experiences that inspire personal growth, belonging, active citizenship, and social / environmental responsibility.


To facilitate New Discoveries for all – planting seeds of inspiration, curiosity, and social engagement, guaranteeing places for all elements of society in our activities.


Social inclusion, participation, and sustainability: ethics of caring, nurturing and regenerating society, nature and future are transversal to all our activities.


Project New Discoveries started with summer camps that championed the cause of social inclusion. We are now a membership-based IPSS (non-profit) with 25 years of experience offering educational and recreational activities. Since moving to Vale da Lama farm, we have developed a range of activities focusing on Permaculture and Regeneration.

Project New Discoveries started with the dream of social inclusion. The first activities were summer camps that brought together young people from all walks of life. In the summer camps, youth learned to value their differences and work together.
Now, 25 years later, we are a membership-based IPSS (non-profit) that offers educational and recreational activities year-round to a diverse public, including the most vulnerable elements of society. Since moving to our new space at Quinta do Vale da Lama, we have developed a portfolio of activities focusing on Permaculture and Regeneration.


Our living classroom, Campo do Vale, is located within the Vale da Lama farm. An evolving, collaboratively designed learning space, it is the location of most of our activities.
Our indoor facilities include a classroom, dining hall, indoor toilets, hot showers, and a covered terrace. Outdoor facilities include a camping area, children’s garden, nature playground, solar kitchen, and educational nursery, as well as ample space to relax and enjoy nature.


Meet the team of Project New Discoveries, working on behalf of the association to advance the cause of Social, Ecological and Economic Regeneration & Inclusion. Many more offer their support to the association throughout the year as cooks, trainers, members, etc.


We create learning cycles that involve participants in Discovering, Learning, Practicing and Sharing during their stay with us. We facilitate groups to relate as a learning community, where everyone has something to learn and something to teach.