Meet the team of Project New Discoveries, working on behalf of the association to advance the cause of Social, Ecological and Economic Regeneration & Inclusion. Many more offer their support to the association throughout the year as cooks, trainers, members, etc.

Main Formation: Social Worker
Nita Barroca
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"I have been a Community Worker. I am the founder of PND , the NGO with whom we share our farm. I am passionate about working with groups and love the idea of sharing our farm through educational activities as it restores its soil, landscapes and life."

General Coordination
Main Formation: Psychology
Andreia Rodrigues
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The great passion of my life is to understand the relational, psychological, affective, social and motivational dynamics of human behavior.

In this association for 10 years I have been responsible for the direction and pursuit of educational and social responsibilities, ensuring its good performance through the optimization of human, financial and material resources.

Technical Education and animation
Main Formation: Languages and Literature
Rachel Marsden
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I have been a part of the PND team for many years now. My journey at PND began when I was 6 years old as a participant of the project’s activities It has been a long and enriching experience. I work now as an educator and as a monitor in the various projects held at Campo do Vale so that I can give others the same opportunities the association has given to me. I love learning and sharing!

Technical Education and animation
Main Formation: Sport
Ricardo Duarte
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In 2015 I attended a Summer Camp Counsellors Training at Campo do Vale and in the Summer I had the opportunity to work in the camps. I really liked the place and people and since then I have helped out as much as possible on days of events. With my personal interest for sport I intend to promote physical exercise during summer camps and activities that connect sports to nature.

Educational Technician
Environmental area | Regeneration
Main Formation: Biology and environment
Mirka H.
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Since 2012, Mirka has returned to Portugal, where she lived as a child, to share her tools for nature connection and regenerative living with both children and adults. At Project New Discoveries, she supports the association in her roles as a trainer in our regeneration & permaculture program, and as the pedagogy coordinator of activities for schools and groups.

Educator and Technician Environmental Area/ Regeneration/ Animation
Patrícia Pereira
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Facilitator of collaborative processes, catalyst of regenerative actions and an instigator of transformations.

Here I work as an educational facilitator in the area of learning for regeneration in courses and workshops. I am responsible for the management of the teams, technical training and pedagogical coordination of the Summer Camps, Ecosystem Regeneration Camps and several Trainings.

Video Editor and Communication
Hugo Barbosa
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Have been part of the association since it’s beggining. I have been a summer camp participant, a summer camp monitor , a chef … Now , along with my team, we communicate PND’s project to the public.