Formulário de Inscrição
Curso de Desenho de Permacultura ( em inglês )


    1- Personal Details


    2- Personal Contacts




    4 - Motivation & Expectations

  • Help our teaching team plan the course better by answering the following questions:

    5 - Needs


    6 - Data Consent


    7 - Payment & Next Steps

  • To secure your place on the course, please pay the deposit by bank transfer to the account below, and send proof of payment to If the bank account is not in your name, please also include the name of the account holder with proof of payment.
  • Bank - Caixa Credito Agricola IBAN: PT50 0045 7194 40152135171 36 BIC/SWIFT: CCCMPTPL
  • Course deposit - 100 €
  • Payment policies
  • - Deposits become nonrefundable 1 month before the course start date.
  • - Full tuition is due 1 month before the course start date.
  • - In the unlikely case of course cancellation, participants will be notified at least 2 weeks before the course start date and tuition & deposit will be returned in full.
  • - Emergency cancellation policy:
  • We reserve the right to cancel a course until 2 days before the course start date if the course seems likely to coincide with a government-decreed quarantine/travel ban in our region due to the coronavirus or others, and as well any other states of emergency and natural calamities. In this case, we will refund tuition in full, including deposits.
  • - If you do not receive a response within 5 working days, please check your Spam folder and/or add to your address book. - Registration forms will be reviewed in full by teachers & hosts a few weeks before the course begins. If you have urgent questions or comments please contact us by email -