Perguntas Frequentes – PDC – Em Inglês


​How much is the registration fee? Is it part of the course fee?
The registration fee is 100€, it secures your spot. Yes, it is part of your full fee, we will let you know by email when to pay the remaining balance.

Do you have a refund policy?
– Deposits become nonrefundable 1 months before the course start date.
– Full tuition is due 1 month before the course start date.
– In the unlikely case of course cancellation, participants will be notified at least 2 weeks before the course start date and tuition & deposit will be returned in full.
– COVID-19 cancellation policy: We reserve the right to cancel a course until 2 days before the course start date if the course seems likely to coincide with a government-decreed quarantine/travel ban in our region due to the novel coronavirus. In this case, we will refund tuition in full, including deposit.

How fast will you reply if I am accepted?
You will be registered immediately after completing the registration process. We will send you a confirmation email; it is not an automatic reply (we like to read form before and reply personally than), it can take a couple of days before getting the last confirmation. If the course is full, we have a waiting list and will let you know.


What are your Covid-19 policies?
All policies related to Covid-19 will be adjusted accordingly with national government measures updates.
We ask participants to present a negative Covid test result, taken within 24 hours of arrival.

What if I cannot travel because of Covid?
Deposits will be refunded if participants cannot travel due to last minute Covid-19 restrictions. Please share with us all relevant information about travel restrictions from where you are coming. The sooner we know the better! Otherwise, all reimbursement amounts are subject to our regular cancellation policies.


If I am allergic to some foods, will there be an option for me?
We provide a vegetarian and vegan diet. Please let us know of any food allergies in your registration form.

Can I bring my own food and prepare it on land?
We provide all meals during the course, including snacks. Students will not have access to the kitchen outside cooking times. Feel free to bring snacks or any specifics of your diet with you, these can be stored in a designated space for your convenience.


How to get there? And when?
You will receive an email with general details after your registration, as well as a final confirmation 2 weeks before the course starts with all specifics on how and when to get to us. Please make sure we do travel arrangements to meet the timings accordingly.

Where do I park my car/van?
We have a couple of options for you to park; let us know how you are traveling and we will arrange the best option for you.

What should I bring to camp on your site?
We suggest you bring: a notebook and pen, working clothes/shoes, camping gear (tent/sleeping bag/sleeping mat), toiletries, swim gear, hat, warm/ rain jacket, water bottle/ personal cup and torch. If you are coming by car or from around please bring some tools and working gloves.

Can you provide some camping gear?
We have a few tents, mats, sleeping bags and warm blankets and we are happy to share them with you if you are traveling from far. Let us know in your registration form or contact us for details.

Can I bring my pets?
We have our own pets and farm animals, as well as children often around, we ask participants not to bring pets to our space.

Is there a place to do laundry?
We do not have laundry service during course days. It’s possible to do a few shared loads of laundry on the day off. The remaining days there will be hand-washing materials available.

Can I bring my electronic devices and charge them? Is there internet?
Yes you can. Wifi is also available.

​Is there insurance?
We have a general insurance that covers personal accidents and injuries.​


What is the culture of your learning community?
We are all about cocreating a common learning experience. Our team is willing to facilitate what can emerge out of each group’s best contribution. We believe that the landscape we are part of adds its contribution to each group experience. Having no affiliation to any spiritual or religious practices, we are open to see what can grow out of the intention of being aware and grounded.
Our space is a learning environment where people of all ages and backgrounds experiment with the possibility of taking into the world a regenerative approach to life; in making decisions collectively, restoring ecosystems, finding beneficial patterns of communication and deepening the awareness of being nature through our senses.

Can I smoke on your campus? What about drugs and alcohol during the course?
Our space is an educational campus that promotes healthy lifestyles, often having children sharing the space with us. For these reasons, we ask everyone to avoid any drugs and respect the designated smoking areas and consume alcohol responsibly on-site. We kindly ask you to care for not leaving cups, bottles or any cigarette buts around.


What language is the course taught?
Our courses are conducted in English. Portuguese translation can happen if necessary. Group work can be arranged by native language if needed.

What is the course schedule?
The pattern of our days is:
8-8.45am: Breakfast
9-1pm: Morning circle, sessions with focus on base curriculum theory and examples
1-2pm: Lunch
2-6pm: Group work, sessions with focus on collaboration, design and practical skills
7-8pm: Dinner
9-10pm: Evening Session: co-created with participants according to interests, available skills and themes from the day

Does this course offer any digital learning material?
We will offer you some materials we have been collecting in our many years of offering these PDCs; including core curriculum presentations, plus additional resources to support self-learning. During the course we will invite students to organize the best way to record and share learning depending on the group needs and ideas.

​Is there a day off?
Yes, there will be one day off in the middle of the course for you to rest and enjoy our surroundings.


Will I get a certification from completing this Permaculture Design Course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance by Lesley Martin and Team.This is an introductory course certified by the UK Permaculture Association, a first step in permaculture education. As part of our course we will at the end explore possible next steps in your learning and working path.

Is there a minimum number of classes I must attend?
Participants must attend 75% of the PDC sessions in order to get their certificate, plus participate and present Group Design final project.


When can I visit?
Vale da Lama organizes weekly guided tours to get to know the Farm. To visit Campo do Vale – educational campus please contact us before to know about open days opportunities or join the Volunteering on Saturdays, a perfect chance to join the action.

Can I volunteer on your project after or before the PDC?
We often organize volunteer opportunities, edge programs and other activities around our courses. Please contact us and we will let you know all available options.

Can I bring my children or family members with me?
Our space is safe and able to host people of all ages, so we can consider having your family and children here with you; depending on the number of participants in the course and for an extra fee to cover food and accommodation. Depending on children’s age and autonomy levels, we can suggest and help you find someone to care for them. Contact us for more information.


None of my questions are here…
Any questions, concerns and suggestions please feel free to contact:
Patrícia Pereira – PDC Coordinator or (+351) 926 681 773