Where we are

In the eastern border of Lagos Municipality where the train line crosses Alvor estuary lies Quinta do Vale da Lama. Placed between the urban areas of Lagos and Portimão, the farm encompasses 43 hectares of great landscape diversity.

The farm has a rich agricultural and pasture history, covered by Rede Natura 2000, National Agricultural Network (RAN) and National Ecological Network (REN).

In the flatest area of the Quinta is the Campo do Vale, an area totally dedicated to the social and educational sphere: area ceded to the association Novas Descobertas Project

Campo do Vale hosts activities organized by the project New Discoveries, providing the population (and within its activities) accommodation, fun, socializing, sharing and learning.

It has a “camp” area, supported by toilets and solar showers. It has a pavilion with wooden floors and a kitchen prepared for large groups.

The outdoor area is safe and includes a field prepared for sports and games, a handicraft area and enough space for the association to carry out the social, cultural, educational, sporting and recreational action it offers to society.

GPS Coordinates: 37.140865, -8.628950