O que as pessoas dizem sobre o PDC – Em Inglês

I joined this course looking for more knowledge about how to work with land in a regenerative way. I found this and so much more!

On a fundamental level, this excellent course gave me both the broad knowledge overview I was looking for, as well as the practical design experience, through a group project, that are the essential elements of the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) curriculum. However, woven through the unfolding fabric of the course were the very principles and processes that we were studying. The course breathed the essence of what it taught! And we, we weren’t just studying a curriculum; we were living a process – a process of learning and growing (or, perhaps, “gestating”).

Two things, in particular, made this course special. Firstly, in addition to the fundamentals of the PDC curriculum, we were introduced to and encouraged to use (i) an innovative, dynamic modelling tool, developed by one of the course teachers, and (ii) a novel approach to intra-group communication. These were embedded into both the design process and the whole learning environment of the course itself.

Secondly, the wonderful course leaders and staff at PND! They adeptly created and “held” this safe and nourishing environment, within which we were encouraged and supported to explore, listen/observe, express and contribute, each as they felt able to – or not – in the moment. This was particularly important as we lived the – sometimes challenging – design project process.

I left feeling full – of information, inspiration, ideas, friendships, joy (and of stomach) – but knowing that, once I had digested this rich course, I would want more. Now, I am slowly putting these seeds into the soils of my home, my local community and my work environments. May they bear abundant fruits and I am sure I will return to the PND source for more sustenance.
Charlie McCallum, Tavira, Portugal

— — —

I joined the PDC thinking I would learn new practical skills and add to my knowledge, but it was so much more than that. I have been welcomed to a whole new family of wonderful and inspiring people, who continue to inspire me and help me realize that community work is beautiful.
Doing a two week PDC can be intense, as it is a lot of information in a short period of time, but the team really held the space well and took care of everybody! I would recommend this PDC to anyone, anywhere who wants to live a more connected life!
Jim Groot, The Netherlands

— — —

Hands down, a phenomenal program! Between the stimulating learning environment, the hands-on application of permaculture principles in real-world situations, and meeting and connecting with other permaculture enthusiasts in the region, this course did so much to further my understanding, ability to immediately implement in my own situation, and broaden my knowledge base so that I can continue to spread this knowledge to others.
Shana Ritter, Odiáxere, Lagos

— — —

The PDC with Projecto Novas Descobertas at Quinta Vale da Lama surprised me for so many reasons. I had the idea that I would be learning about the practice and theory on agriculture within Permaculture; and it was, but not only!
This is the place for the ones looking to do their PDC; not only because of the marvellous places that will surround you, but as well the quality of the teaching and the way it is shared, all the resources and team that holds this experience.

O PDC com o Projeto Novas Descobertas na Quinta Vale da Lama surpreendeu-me por muitas razões. Tinha a ideia de que iria ser sobretudo teoria e prática de agricultura dentro da permacultura, e foi, mas não só. Para além da aprendizagem de muitos e muitos conhecimentos sobre a terra, solos, água, plantas e árvores, este não é apenas um curso de 15 dias. Esta é uma experiência de descoberta da nossa ligação com a Terra e com todos os seres que nela habitam, é uma pequena-grande viagem ao nosso interior e ao reconectar com o essencial, que é a natureza, a das plantas e animais e a nossa.
Sem dúvida que este é o lugar para quem deseja realizar o PDC, não só pelos espaços maravilhosos de que te vais rodear, pela qualidade do ensino e a forma como é transmitida a informação e os conhecimentos, os recursos utilizados, como também pelas pessoas que o formam. A Patricia, o Hugo, a Leslie, o Ricardo, o Romão, a Rachel e todas as pessoas que te receberem vão fazer sentir-te em casa. Não é apenas mais um curso, é uma grata experiência. Obrigada!
Teresa, Cartaxo, Portugal